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Why I apologize for things I did not do

I love apologies. Apologizing is a fantastic and necessary means of repairing a damaged relationship and communicating sympathy to those going through a hard time. There is absolutely nothing wrong with an apology when it is warranted; in fact I encourage it. However, I frequently find myself apologizing for things I did not do. While reflecting after an intense OCD spiral sent me into an apology frenzy, I realized that there are three scenarios where I feel the need to apolo

Starving the Uncertainty Monster (an OCD story)

Uncertainty is a beast. I think the concept is difficult for anybody, but it is especially hard for people who have anxiety disorders. My father used to say ‘there are only two certainties in life; death and taxes.’  He said it jokingly of course, but I think the saying is true. Even the rising of the sun (a fixed part of our existence) is not guaranteed tomorrow. My struggle with uncertainty is no doubt rooted in two things: OCD, and a general lack of confidence in my own de

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