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Why I'm Leaving Teaching..

It’s true. I am leaving my job as a middle school English teacher after working in Education for six years, and the only way to describe it is bitter sweet. I have seen quite a few stories floating around the internet about teachers leaving the profession. Sometimes it's because of money (though not usually), sometimes it's "kids these days," sometimes it is a general feeling of not being supported, and sometimes it's the sheer mental tax of the job. Let me just begin by sayi

3 Easy Ways to Level Up Your Poetry

I am often asked the question "How do I become a better writer?" Let me begin by saying I am by no means an expert, and writing is a highly personal and subjective art. However, I strongly believe in constant growth so here are three of the easiest ways to up your poetry game regardless of current skill level. 1. Tell a story When I set out to write a poem, the first thing I decide is what story I want to tell. People want to read poetry they can connect with, and the best wa

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