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21 things that bring me JOY

This morning, I am taking a moment to recognize the little things in life that bring me happiness. If you'd like, in the comments tell me what things bring you joy, great or small. Here are mine: 1. The hum of cicadas on a scorching July day. 2. The rush of jumping into a cold lake (even though I rarely work up the nerve to do it) 3. The Christmas clock, a different song every hour, November to January. 4. The smell my mom's homemade chocolate chip cookies. 5. That first sip

Why I apologize for things I did not do

I love apologies. Apologizing is a fantastic and necessary means of repairing a damaged relationship and communicating sympathy to those going through a hard time. There is absolutely nothing wrong with an apology when it is warranted; in fact I encourage it. However, I frequently find myself apologizing for things I did not do. While reflecting after an intense OCD spiral sent me into an apology frenzy, I realized that there are three scenarios where I feel the need to apolo

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