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21 things that bring me JOY

This morning, I am taking a moment to recognize the little things in life that bring me happiness. If you'd like, in the comments tell me what things bring you joy, great or small. Here are mine:

1. The hum of cicadas on a scorching July day.

2. The rush of jumping into a cold lake (even though I rarely work up the nerve to do it)

3. The Christmas clock, a different song every hour, November to January.

4. The smell my mom's homemade chocolate chip cookies.

5. That first sip of iced coffee in the morning (mocha, with almond milk).

It's a little absurd how happy coffee makes me

6. Lazy Sunday mornings, all three of us snuggled in bed, the early sun filtering through thin curtains, the smell of coffee drifting in from the kitchen.

7. Dreaming about motherhood. Someday.

8. Watching thunderstorms roll in at night, counting the seconds between the lightning and the rumble.

9. When Aunt Robin comes to visit.

10. Making a space beautiful and witnessing the final product.

11. The act of comforting another.


12. Stepping onto the summit of an Adirondack high peak and feeling like I've conquered the world. (Big Slide, Cascade, Porter, Phelps, Giant, Algonquin. 6 down, 40 to go).

13. The rythmic sound of a cows pulling grass out of the ground with their soft, gentle mouths. Repetitive, calming. ASMR.

14. Grown-up sleepovers with old friends and wine and face masks and tarot cards.

15. When my family is all in one place, even just for a day.

16. Watching my dog roll around in a sun spot on the carpet. Pure bliss.

17. Solo walks without earbuds or music. Just the birds and the trees and my feet hitting the ground.

18. The sound of the creek behind my childhood home.

19. Conversations with my old students. Seeing them happy, helping them when they are sad.


20. Happy hour at my in-laws.

21. Sitting with my laptop in a quiet space, writing these words for me and for you. 


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